Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oracle JDeveloper 11gR2 Cookbook

After almost a year of truly great effort by everyone involved, I am happy to announce that my Oracle JDeveloper 11gR2 Cookbook book is published by Packt Publishing. This book accumulates to a large degree my practical experience amassed over the last four years working on real world ADF projects.

Special Thanks goes to Frank Nimphius, Edwin Biemond and Spyros Doulgeridis for their insight, knowledge and advice.  

For further details about the book click here

Here are some peer references/reviews of the book from the blog sphere:


  1. It was a wonderful experience :)

  2. Personally I would pick Chapter 7: "Face Value: ADF Faces, JSF Pages, and User Interface Components", as the most valuable/interesting of the entire book.


    1. Thank you for your comment Nasso. I'll double-check with Packt if you need to actually leave a comment in their web site somewhere.

  3. Hi Nick,
    your book is very helpful source of adf tips&tricks and I use it nearly every day. But I have a problem with receipe "Using page templates for pop-up reuse" from Chapter 7. I've manage to implement popup model and everthing works fine, but when I click ok on popup button I get Operation 'Remove' not found. In my page definiton page I renamed Delete action to Remove, but still it cannot be found.
    My app structure id that I have adf jar, where CommonActions class is, added to my view project and registered CommonActionsBean. I use bounded task flow so delete button is in my bounded tf which is included as region in one page.

    Btw. i tried to see the code which I got when purchased book, but it seems that something is missing because theres no page definiton at all in any chapter, and also appmodule statistic code is missing so cannot compile the code. Or am I doing somethign wrong?

  4. Hi Patrik,

    first of all, Thank you for buying the book and for your good comments. I am glad that you are using it and that you find it helpful. Now with regards to this issue you are having, note that the book's source code is being enriched as the reader progressively moves from one recipe to another. The final complete version of the source code can be found in chapter 12/recipe 5. For this particular recipe, if you look at the code in execOperation() in (in the SharedComponents workspace), you will see that it does nothing (it simply returns a boolean true). This explains why the delete binding is not executed. For this to work, use the code in execOperation() in from chapter 12/recipe 5, which will actually execute the delete binding.

    Hope this helps you to continue with your learning.

    All the best,


  5. My take would be Chapter#12:Monitoring the application using JRockit Mission Control
    @Nick, BTW i was looking at your previous comment where in you mentioned about Is it the same file where an EL is extensively used? (Just curious)

  6. Hi Nick,
    thank you for your answer, but I already did that. I've took ADFUtils and CommonActions from last recipe but still it does nothing, cause it tries to execute Remove operation, but where it should look for it? In fragment/page (where Delete button is) bindings or somewhere else?
    Also, there's no page binding definition in any recipe, including Ch12/5.
    Sorry for disturbing but this is very important for me as I find it very usefull for use.
    Thanx and regards,

  7. Hi Patrick,

    Adding the remove operation in the fragment page definition file should suffice. If this is still a problem, e-mail me your JDeveloper workspace so I can take a look.


    PS. I am having issues using Chrome when moderating comments (Chrome just deletes the comments!), so my apologies if any comments posted here got lost.

  8. Hi again,
    if Remove operation is added to paageTemplate binding everything works (of course it still misses Commit operation, but you got the point).
    To repeat, 1 pageTemplate, 1 page based on Template, 1 fragment inside region on page. How to "tell" CommonActions class to find appropriate binding?


  9. Hey Patrick,

    You should be able to get it to work by adding the remove binding in the page fragment page definition. If you are still having problems with this, email me the workspace so I can take a look at it.



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